Flouroquinilones Cause C-diff

Consumer Reports February 2017 announced that one remedy for deadly hospital caused infections is to STOP prescribing flouroquinilone antibiotics such as Cipro and Levaquin.  These type of antibiotics are broad spectrum highly powerful drugs that are known to cause the infection commonly called C-diff.  This infection is a serious and in many cases deadly diarrhea.  Doctors often prescribe these antibiotics while a person is in the hospital and they can end up with an infection far worse than what they were checked in for.

In addition, the article also states that there are other serious side effects from these antibiotics.  Though the articles says that they are rare, that is not actually the case.  The FDA made note to all doctors to stop prescribing flouroquinilones for minor infections because the risk of the side effects far outweighs many of the reasons they are prescribed!

Unless you are in an extremely serious situation, avoid these drugs.  If you actually read the warning label that comes with them, you will see that they are for the Plague and Anthrax poisoning!

Link to the Consumer Reports article